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Celebrating Asian-American & Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month with 1stdibs

Posted on 06 May 2022

I am thrilled to be included as one of the Asian American creators on 1stdibs's feature celebrating Asian-American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

The Month of May has become pretty significant for me this year because I just returned from my annual visit to see my parents in Korea, and it is also the month of Parents' day in Korea (May 8th) as well as Mother's day in the USA. Fortunately I was able to celebrate it although a few days early in person with my parents before returning to New York which I am very grateful for.

For those that don't know me well, I was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in Singapore from ages 6-18. I moved to the United States to attend Syracuse University and have stayed in the state of New York making New York City my place of work and home.

Hi June Parker 1stdibs Asian-American & Asian Pacific islander heritage month


Hi June Parker Creator shaping world of design AAPI heritage month 1stdibs style


As I enter my 29th year of living in America, I am truly shocked at how time flies. I literally blinked and my world changed. I know this is something you can all relate to! It is my ongoing commitment to myself to appreciate and enjoy each moment. Please share with me if you have any tricks and best practices if you have any for accomplishing this on a regular basis.
Here are some pieces that are featured in the 1stdibs round up above, they are a combination of jewelry pieces I made when I first launched in 2016 as well as new pieces that were added this year.


14k Yellow gold Rotunda threader with diamonds Hi June Parker Long earrings
14k White Gold Rotunda U-Ring Toi et Moi Ring black diamonds Hi June Parker
14k Yellow Gold Rotunda U-Ring Toi et Moi Black Diamonds Hi June Parker
14k Yellow Gold Meadows Statement Necklace with Diamonds
14k Yellow Gold Curved band with stone clusters Tower Ring with Rubies and Garnet Hi June Parker
14k Yellow Gold multi color rainbow enameled Hoop Jackson Avenue earrings Hi June Parker


 Happy Mother's day to all Mothers and Mothers-to-be this weekend! Wishing all of you great quality time and experiences this weekend with your loved ones.

Here is a photo of me and my mom during a gallery visit in Seoul, Korea.

Thank You for reading and for your ongoing interest and support of my work!

Please feel free to reach out by replying to this email if you have any questions about any of the jewelry mentioned in this blog!

HyeJun xo

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