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Change, growth and renewal are essential components to shaping life experiences.
HyeJun realized that it was more interesting to see things from a cross-section view as she looked
around her physical surroundings from different angles, similar to envisioning cross-section views when designing jewelry.
In doing so, just like in jewelry, she felt that one obtained a deeper, dimensional understanding of its underlying structure.
As life continues to evolve within the changing industrial city space, the collection is designed to be an evolving expression of this cross-section view of life. 
Each piece of jewelry is made by hand in New York City.









































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Pebbles bangle


Island Pendant

From $310.00 - $950.00

Isthmus Pendant


Loops Ring

From $235.00 - $740.00

Meadows Necklace

From $2,820.00 - $13,000.00

Night Lights Cuff

From $3,740.00 - $11,700.00

Pebbles Ring

From $180.00 - $385.00

Rotunda Bracelet

From $1,200.00 - $4,345.00

Shadows Ring

From $760.00 - $880.00

Trillion Hoop earring


Petal Pearl Earrings


Heart Pendant


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