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  • Petal Pearl Earrings
  • Petal Pearl Earrings
  • Petal Pearl Earrings
  • Petal Pearl Earrings

Petal Pearl Earrings

$1,090.00 $1,200.00



Not just your ordinary pearl earrings, these bold round lustrous Mabe

(pronounced May-Bay) pearls are prong set with our

signature organic circular elements on the back.

Wear them with your hair up or down, for any occasion to

celebrate your effortless elegance.

14k Yellow Gold

Mabe pearls

Fun fact: Mabe pearls (pronounced Mah-Bay) are Cultured

half pearls or Blister pearls that grow attached to the inside shell

of a Mollusk (oyster shell). Because of this, they develop a flat

base and half-spherical domed shape.

Mabe pearls are produced in saltwater oysters of Japan, Indonesia,

Australia and French Polynesia.

Depending on the desired size, it could take anywhere between

two to six years for each pearl's production.

Dimensions: 12-13mm Round (sizes can vary)

Hand-Made with love in NYC using recycled gold

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