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My friends, Designing women of New York City

As a working woman and a designer living and working in New York City, or any large city in today's world, one needs a certain amount of strength, determination and a strong support network to maintain a healthy balance of life. For HyeJun, her close friends who are also working designers themselves, are her pillars of strength and inspiration.  

Mia Hebib of Oblik Atelier - Jewelry Designer 
Wearing dress by Sarah Swann

Alexandra Nam - Fashion Designer of eponymous label
Wearing dress by Alexandra Nam


Kimberly Van Schoyck - Eyewear Designer
Wearing Kimberly's own dress

Hands of equal opportunity with pieces from our Unisex collection

Kimberly Van Schoyck and Mia Hebib
Designers, friends and working women of New York City





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