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Feeling good about the next generation of kids entering the world of Fashion

Posted on 14 August 2022

💡 A recent experience left me feeling good about the next generation of students entering the world of fashion, regardless of it being in design, product development, merchandising, sales or marketing.

I spoke about my experience working as a jewelry designer at the corporate level versus working for myself to a group of high school students who were interested in the business of fashion from across the country.

The professor who invited me to speak is my friend and prior colleague Sabrina Moscola, a supply chain expert with whom I worked with during my previous corporate jewelry design years.
These students were high school students who were attending a week of classes at LIM College in New York City and I was invited to speak on the day of “intern for a day” by Sabrina where she was teaching them to do a project which involved designing, deciding where and how it will be produced with the end price in mind, similar to how the team structures operate in the corporate world of fashion jewelry.



I was surprised at the level of engagement and curiosity these students had for me, from questions about who determines which materials to use when working at the corporate level within the cross functional teams, how I handle the pressures of doing everything and being responsible for everything in a small business, and most importantly if I recommended that they take entrepreneurship classes in college to which I answered YES and more about learning to manage finances and basic business practices that I feel would have been beneficial had I learned it much earlier in life.

The teenage me would not have asked these questions so I am excited for the next generation of creatives entering the business of fashion and design with a high level of curiosity, which will arm them with the knowledge and instinct for success across any industry.
Thank you Sabrina for inviting me, it was one of most rewarding experiences being surrounded by a room filled with the desire to learn and it left me so energized! 🙏✨

💎 I passed around some pieces of jewelry from my collection along with my portfolio which included my previous work for the fashion brands I designed as well as my current work for my own brand. It was interesting to see their reactions. The following are the pieces of jewelry that resonated most with this crowd of 13-18 year olds. I was pleasantly surprised by the interest in the Pearl ring for sure, and encouraged by the interest in the colorful single stud earrings which got us to speaking about piercing parties with these kids!


Petal Pearl two pearl statement ring Hi June Parker
Electric 80s mini three stone single stud earrings
Electric 80s Emerald Green mini three stone single stud earring


Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or thoughts about any part of this blog, please get in touch!
Warmest Regards,
HyeJun xo


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