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Long gone are the days of only men wearing Signet Rings

Posted on 13 December 2021

Our Signet Rings have dropped on our site!

Hi June Parker Signet Rings 14k Yellow Gold diamonds and enamel


Signet Rings come with a lot of history. 3500 BC is the earliest known record of the Signet ring, where people of the Mesopotamian civilization used them as seals in their daily correspondence. Those days of family seals and crests!

To put into context for today, they were used as signatures. When they first appeared, only men wore them as women had not entered the workforce or held positions of power. As we all know, it would take centuries until women had voting rights and started holding prominent positions, so until that happened women did not have the authorization to sign off on documents. This was unfortunately also the case for people born outside of nobility (good riddance to those crazy days!) 


What I love about a Signet ring is its highly individualized nature as seen in its history. 

I've created two designs to start with, a pavé center with diamonds and one 

with a bunny design and enamel.

Being born in the year of the rabbit and a nod to Alice in Wonderland, that was my first animal of choice! Each of my Signet Rings are engraved with my name written in Korean, on the front left side of the ring. You'll be able to see it faintly on the second image of each ring.


 Click on any image below for the website links!

Hi June Parker black diamond signet ring 14k yellow gold


Hi June Parker hexagon white diamond pavé signet ring 14k yellow gold


Hi June Parker enamel bunny signet ring with white diamond baguette side stones 14k yellow gold


Thank you for reading!


HyeJun xo


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