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Papa from "Stranger Things" and Gold, what do they have in common?

Posted on 14 October 2022

They support gold jewelry made of fairmined gold to help raise awareness and clean up pollution from toxic chemicals. What do I mean by this?

Pure Earth Pure Gold


For the past five years, I have been participating in the annual jewelry auction at Pure Earth, a wonderful non-profit organization with an amazing and dedicated team who does wonderful work in cleaning up pollution, specifically toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury in low and middle-income countries. This is a huge simplication of the scope of work they do, but my participation is important to me because they work with artisanal small scale gold miners by training them to mine mercury-free.

This year, 30 jewelry designers have donated a piece of jewelry made with fairmined gold to raise funds for the organization's efforts to continue with their meaningful and life altering work for many communities around the globe.

Margarita baroque pearl earrings

These Margarita baroque pearl earrings are made of fairmined gold, and available to bid on for the 2022 Pure Gold Jewelry benefit auction now. The auction closes on October 17th.

Did you know...
Much of the mercury released into the environment is the result of artisanal and small scale gold mining. This is something to be concerned about because up to 20% of the world’s gold comes from artisanal and small scale gold mining. A big percentage of it gets released into the environment, and eventually ends up in our food system.
Gold as you know is used not just in jewelry, it is used in electronics (cell phones!) computers, medical, aerospace, award medals, and buildings (gold leaf) etc…

I work primarily with gold, and am an active user of all things that contain gold (I am glued to my cell phone and computer, and travel by plane etc) and I imagine many of you can relate as well in realizing how connected we are to gold.

I am honored to participate each year in a small way to help this wonderful organization’s work in cleaning up mercury pollution and helping artisanal miners mine mercury-free using cleaner and safer methods.


Ruby Modine pure earth jewelry collection hi june parker

Additionally, I am VERY excited that the talented actress and musician Ruby Rivera Modine is featured to model the jewelry pieces for the collection's photoshoot, including my Margarita baroque pearl earrings. Ruby is the daughter of actor Matthew Modine, Papa from "Stranger Things" and the actor has joined Ruby in supporting Pure Earth as well! 💕

The auction consists of beautiful jewelry created and donated by 30 designers made with fairmined gold. I hope you check it out, and share the link with your friends and family. The more awareness there is, the higher the demand for mercury-free gold mining practices, which ultimately means cleaner gold and healthier environment for all us 🙏🏼😊

Thank you for reading!

HyeJun xo

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