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The beauty of Baroque Pearls

Posted on 29 October 2021


Baroque pearl salt and pepper diamond earrings Hi June Parker

Let's talk about baroque pearls!

Pearls come in different shapes and sizes. They have also been around for centuries making them highly resilient materials. Traditionally, they are round in shape and it is rare to find perfectly matching pearls which makes it more difficult to get a perfect strand of them.

I love working with baroque pearls because they are imperfect pearls with uneven and dented surfaces. They exist in various beautiful colors and luster which makes them very interesting. They stand out from the traditional round pearl shape for this reason and they are also a great alternative in price to the traditional perfectly round pearls as it is easier to get a strand of baroque Pearls due to their imperfect nature.

Baroque pearls are used to describe all non-round pearls and they exist in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are as many as 12 different types of them. Some examples are Keshi, Potato, Coin, Baroque and Rice pearls.

Our Petal Pearl Jackie earrings made of baroque pearls and salt and pepper diamonds is part of our Pearl Collection and we're so excited to have this piece included in this feature on JCK Magazine written by Brittany Siminitz.

To see more of our baroque pearl jewelry, click here and check out the article to see all of the stunning baroque pearl Jewelry created by various designers.

Which pearl shape would you like to see more of? Or do you have anything in mind that you'd like to explore? I'd love to hear from you, let me know your thoughts by emailing us :)

Thank You!

HyeJun xo

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